We offer large quantity hauling services.  We can deliver your material in a variety of ways:

  Bottom dump trailers

  End dump trailers

  Bobtail and Pup trailers

Other methods are available also.  Whether you need 25 tons or 25,000 tons, we can deliver!  Typically hauling is priced by the ton and is based on the distance hauled.  Call our office or click on the “Quotes” tab to get a price today.

Material Sales

We provide raw materials for your construction projects.  White rock, select fill dirt, sand, pea gravel, etc…  We sell our materials direct from rock quarries to keep your cost low.  Many retail suppliers hire our company to deliver crushed limestone or other materials to their yard where they will then need to reload it on another truck to deliver to you.  This adds labor costs to the material.  We bypass the middle-man.

Well Pad

If you need to construct a site pad for an oil well, gas well, compressor station or field office we can help. Most sites in Texas are rocked with crushed limestone (commercial base limestone).  Many are built up with clay to control water run-off.  If you are a construction company, we can haul your rock in quickly to get you in and out of the project.  Our customers are some of the largest in the industry.  Call for a quote today.

We are leaders in this industry for our service.  Our drivers are equipped with the proper PPE (personal protective equipment).