Larger Loads Save You MoneyWholesale Pricing on Raw MaterialsWe Do More Than Just Haul

We haul and sell raw materials – dirt, slag, gravel, white rock and sand. We offer various kinds of rock, dirt, gravel and other materials for your projects. Our hauling services are available for your own materials.

We provide construction services through a partner company with no added costs. We can build your roads, ditches, entries, site bases, ponds, park grounds and dams. You name it, if it involves the materials we provide, we can do it.

Service Areas:

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Our trucks are our tools:

In our fleet, we operate trucks which allow us to haul larger loads… up to 29 tons!

Since we haul more per trip we can keep the cost to you low and we deliver the material directly from the source to you!

Federal Safety & DOT Compliant. We deliver to mines, power plants and operating well pads.  We maintain our equipment properly to allow safe operation and dependable delivery.